Countertop Installation

 1,000 Watts XL Power™ SMPS

 Life MicroMembrane™ Technology

 2.0 – 12.2 pH Range

 Up to -1005  ORP

 Lifetime Warranty On Parts

 5 Year Warranty On Labor

 Advanced RADC Self-Cleaning


 Dimensions | 13″ W x 13″ L x 13″ H

 110v-220v International Voltage

Designed in California | Manufactured at our factories in South Korea


The LC-30 is the ionizer that means business, with 30 platinum-coated titanium plates. Plates with 1,000 watts.  It delivers alkaline water in a pH range of 2.0 to 12.2, and with an antioxidant ORP of up to -1005.  It makes a high flow rate on-demand with no chemical additives needed!  This unit has a flow rate per minute of 8-12 liters. It has a large, easy-to-read LCD display screen that enables you to make. Its adjustable power amperage allows you to set the desired pH of the water you make. It also has auto cleaning to keep the plates clean from any type of buildup. The LC-30 is a powerful machine that’s easy to set up, you’ll be up and running and profiting in no time. Like the other LC Models, they are perfect for agriculture needs and can be adapted for consumption use.

Ultraviolet XL Technology Icon

Ultraviolet XL

Bacteria and other pathogens can strike at any time. Life’s powerful new Ultraviolet XL Sterilization System destroys harmful pathogens in your water. Industrial Sized! UV light that is essential as an insurance to any water municipality failure and possible mold/bacteria buildup. A Life Ionizer exclusive that is the only way of eliminating viruses, paracystic cysts and more without the use of chemicals.

XL Matrix Grid Icon

XL Matrix GRID

Most efficient ionizer plates available in any brand of ionizer. Life’s new XL Matrix GRID plates increase the efficiency of the ionization process by providing more edges for energy to transfer from the plates and into the water – where alkaline water is actually ionized. Life’s new high efficiency XL Matrix GRID plates produce the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels you can get in a home ionizer at full flow rates.


Molecular Hydrogen XL Technology Icon

Molecular Hydrogen XL

XL Chambers Icon

XL Chambers

One-Click Filters Icon

One-Click Filters

Life moved the filters to the top of the machine, giving you easy access to the filters for filter changes – no tools needed! Other brands require special tools, or make you strain to change filters. Life makes it easy to change filters with just one click!

XL Power Technology Icon


Life’s high efficiency XL Power is perfectly matched to perform with XL Matrix GRID plates to produce the highest possible pH and antioxidant ORP levels with energy-saving efficiency. You get the highest levels of acid fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential possible.

Customized Filtration Icon

Custom Filtration

Give your family the gift of water as pure as a mountain spring. Every unit is configured by our water quality experts to filter the toxins found in your water quality report. We take your water quality seriously, so you don’t have to. Independent lab testing has proven that Life Ionizers’ filtration removes common contaminants including chromium, copper, mercury, lead, and others. Take a look at our lab filtration report.

Life MicroMembrane Technology

MicroMembrane Tech

Puts more health in every glass! Life’s new high efficiency Micromembranes enable our new M Series XL ionizers to reach higher pH and antioxidant ORP values than ever before! You get more acid-fighting pH balance, and more age-fighting antioxidant potential in every glass of ionized alkaline water you drink!

These XL technologies are only available on the MXL Series Ionizers. Ultraviolet XL only available on MXL-7 model and up.


Life MXL-5: 7 Years Parts & Labor

Life MXL-7 & MXL-7 UC: Lifetime Parts Warranty, 10 years Labor.

Life MXL-9, MXL-11, MXL-13 and MXL-15 (and UC Models): Guaranteed Lifetime Warranties.


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